Our Logo

Our logo tells a simple story: from the school’s historical roots and core values a KPS student grows strong and independent, reaching up towards their greatest potential.

The logo is a loose ‘shield’ shape, referencing back to the school’s original logo, and is built from aspects of the natural environment, our starting point: the red shape at the base reflecting iron ore, the foundation upon which our city has grown.

Above this base of iron ore, identified with strength, sits the yellow layer of earth from which the ore is brought forth from, and also the school’s nurturing environment.

Also representing the natural environment are the two blues that sit above the earth, reflecting the sky and curling ocean wave.

The vertical red element extending outwards and upwards from the iron ore represents your child’s journey through our school. Our students evolve and grow into strong and independent lifelong learners and active citizens.

Logo Stacked

What do our Colours Symbolise?

Red: warm and welcoming

Yellow: nurturing and inclusive

Mid Blue: limitless ideas and creativity 

Deep Blue: trust, knowledge, academic excellence