Triple P: Positive Parenting Program



As a parent, you want to do the best for your child, but how do you know what’s right? What do you do when your child answers back? Or is being bullied at school? Or starts telling obvious lies?

Within each newsletter, The Karratha Key, Karratha Primary School shares some of Triple P’s proven tips for the best ways to handle common behavioural and developmental problems in children: from battling disobedience to encouraging homework routines, these everyday issues are covered to parents help work out some strategies to suit the family.

Parenting is sometimes hard work and it may take time to tackle more difficult problems. The good news is that help is always at hand. Throughout Karratha, parenting support with Triple P, one of the world’s most highly-regarding parenting programs, is offered.

Professor Matt Sanders is founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ®. For more information go to the Triple P website.