P&C Association

Our P&C Association is a vital group of dedicated family members who have achieved much in their time of operation.  The satisfaction to be gained by the involvement in establishing a school repays many times over the costs of time and effort. The objectives of the P&C Association are to:

  • Foster community interest in education,
  • Promote closer liaison between the school and the community, and
  • Assist in the provision of school amenities.


Our P&C has made a tremendous contribution to the school over the years, including:

  • Management of the school canteen,
  • Management of school uniform orders,
  • Compilation, ordering and distributing school stationery lists,
  • Assisting with sports carnivals and competitions,
  • Fundraising through free dress days, raffles and discos
  • Funding leavers’ and camp shirts for Year 6 students, and
  • Compiling the Year Book.

A sub-committee of the P&C also oversees the canteen operations.  The canteen is open every Monday and Friday for lunch, subject to the availability of parent help. If you can provide help in the canteen at any time, please contact the P&C.  

Dates and times for meetings feature on the Term Planner. Usually meetings are held out-of-school hours each term in Weeks 3 and 8.