2024-2026 Business Plan

At Karratha Primary School, we have high expectations. We value care, personal best and responsibility. We embrace diversity and inclusivity. Our school community nurtures a sense of belonging. Karratha Primary School is a place of learning. We have embarked on a journey to empower our students to aspire to be their best, achieve their utmost potential, and develop into the greatest versions of themselves socially and emotionally. 


I am passionate about providing our students with access to high quality teaching, as we raise the bar and close the gap, and empower our students to thrive. I am dedicated to delivering learning support that is responsive and inclusive to the diverse and challenging needs that students may bring. I value an energised and committed staff who prioritise an orderly, harmonious school environment, where a strong sense of belonging is nurtured for all.


The 2024-2026 Karratha Primary School Success Plan outlines the key strategies we aim to implement to facilitate success in our students to attain their personal best, whilst cultivating an awareness of care and responsibility for themselves, others and the world around them.


Annalyn Navarrete


Principal: Annalyn Navarrete with Students