The school uniform is a visible representation of the standards expected of students and plays an important role in promoting a positive image of our school. We ask for your cooperation in seeing that your child comes to school wearing the school uniform. The Karratha Primary School Board have set the following requirements regarding school dress. The dress code is reviewed annually by the School Board, with consultation occurring before any significant changes are made.

Students of Karratha Primary School wear the following uniform:

  • Royal blue polo shirts with the school logo.
  • Plain, modest navy blue shorts, skorts or tracksuit pants. Denim, bike shorts, leggings and tights are not permitted.
  • Broad-brimmed navy blue school hat when outdoors.
  • Navy blue jacket with school logo.
  • Completely enclosed shoes (eg sneakers) or appropriate sandals. Due to health and safety reasons, thongs and slip-on shoes are inappropriate. Please ensure your child has sneakers they can run in on the day they have Phys Ed, so they are able to easily run, jump, skip and hop safely!
  • The relevant school Student Councillor, Faction Captains and Vice Captains shirts and badges as appropriate, supplied to students by the school.
  • Faction shirts with the school logo on Fridays, and for faction events.
  • Simple studs or sleeper earrings as the only acceptable jewellery, and no makeup.
  • Hair that touches shoulders is tied up out of the face.

These requirements apply to all students unless a special exemption is granted.

All of the above School Uniform items can be purchased from our Uniform Shop which is open on Fridays from 2.30-3.00pm.

Alternatively, you an order from QuickClick. Sign up for QuickCliQ, and activate your account through the email you receive. Add your child, search for ‘Karratha Primary School’ and complete your child’s class details. Once you have set up your child’s profile you can click on ‘Uniforms’ to complete your order. Should you require any further help, use the instruction sheet for QuickCliq.

For any additional questions, please email kpsuniforms@hotmail.com.