School Plans & Policies - Attendance Plan

Karratha Primary School Attendance Plan
School Improvement
(Outcomes / Targets)
Curriculum / Pedagogy / Strategies
Data Collection
 WHO              WHAT                        WHEN
To decrease unexplained absences
To improve the attendance of target students by 3% across all target students.
To improve whole school attendance to above 90%
Employment of Attendance Liaison Officer.
Attendance Liaison officer 
1. Termly review of target students.
2. Termly print out of attendance analysis report for individual students.
3. Termly review of Indigenous Attendance Targets.
Term 2 onward
5 weekly
From beginning Term 3
Implementation of 9 stage Attendance Intervention Process.
Liaison with Regional Attenance Corrdintor in Intervention Process
Implementation of Aboriginal Education Plan
·         Bus tickets.
·         Emergency Lunches.
·         Emergency Uniforms.
·         Induction of new students.
Sending out follow up letters weekly. (Deputy Principal)
·         follow up letters
·         follow up phone calls
·         follow up family visits.
·         Liaison with other schools.
·         CWU – place students on Children’s Whereabouts Unknown after three weeks
Deputy Principal
School Officer
Incentive Program:
·         Weekly Award
·         5 week Individual students who meet personal targets
·         weekly reward for best class attendance
Weekly meetings with target students regarding meeting of targets. Rewards for meeting targets.
Deputy Principal
To improve attendance of Aboriginal student attendance to above 80%
All Aboriginal Students with attendance below 80% to have Individual Education Plan.