School Plans & Policies - SunSmart Policy


Our SunSmart Policy has been adopted to ensure that all staff and children attending Karratha Primary School are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is to be implemented throughout the year. The sun protection practices outlined in the Policy will be applied to all school activities, including sports carnivals, excursions and camps. The Policy has been developed in consultation with the whole school community.
Behaviours We Seek
¨      The school encourages students to wear broad brimmed (minimum 7.5 cm brim) hats whenever they are outside.
¨      Staff are encouraged and supported to wear broad-brimmed hats when outside.
¨      Ensure that a ‘No hat No play’ policy is enforced for children without an appropriate hat when outside.
¨      Encourage positive role modeling of sun protective behaviour by all school staff, parents and guests visiting the school.
¨      Encourage the daily application of sunscreen before school and prior to the lunch break or any outdoor activity.
¨      Encourage children to use available shade for outdoor activities and play.
¨      Students will be encouraged to wear clothing that is sun protective, eg. Shirts with collars and longer sleeves, rash vests from swimming, etc.
Curriculum We Implement
¨      Incorporate sun protection and skin cancer prevention programmes into the school curriculum at all grade levels.
¨      Promote sun protection throughout the year via the school newsletter, assemblies, daily messages, parents and staff meetings and whole school activities.
¨      Staff and parents will be provided with educational material on sun protection.
Environment We Foster
¨      Ensure there is adequate provision of shade within the school grounds for students and staff, by planting trees and building shade structures.
¨      Timetable as many outdoor activities as possible, including assemblies, sport and physical education before 10.00am and after 2.30pm. When this is not possible, activities should be scheduled as far away from 12 noon as is possible.
¨      Ensure adequate shade for all children and staff is provided at sporting carnivals and outdoor events.
Karratha Primary School and its Parents and Citizens Association will work in negotiation to supply all school staff with a complementary Broad Brimmed Hat at reduced cost.
Karratha Primary School Council will review the effectiveness of this Policy each year.
They will:
  1. Review the SunSmart behaviour of students, staff, parents and visitors and make recommendations for improvements.
  2. Assess shade provision and usage and make recommendation for increase in shade provision where necessary.
  3. Update and promote curriculum material relevant to SunSmart activities.