School Plans & Policies - School Uniform Policy

Dress Code Policy

Reviewed: May 2020

To be reviewed May 2022

Students at Karratha Primary School will wear the following uniform:

  • Royal blue polo shirts with the school logo
  • Plain, modestly fitting navy blue shorts or skorts.  In accordance with Dress Codes for Students in Public Schools Procedures, denim is not permitted.  Bike shorts, leggings and tights are not permitted.
  • Navy blue tracksuit pants
  • Broad brimmed hats when outdoors on grassed or court areas or any uncovered area
  • School jacket or a plain navy jumper without a hood or logo (The inbuilt hood on the school jackets is only to be used for rain protection.)
  • Due to health and safety reasons, students must wear completely enclosed shoes or appropriate sandals.  Thongs/slip-ons are unacceptable.
  • Student Councillors and Faction Captains/Vice Captains are to wear their relevant school's leaders's shirts, which are supplied to students by the school.
  • Faction shirts with the school logo may be worn on the designated day of the week and for faction events.
  • Plain studs or sleeper earrings are the only acceptable jewellery.
  • Students may not wear make-up

These requirements apply to all students unless a special exemption is granted.  For example, an exemption may be granted on the grounds of religion.

Sanctions against not wearing the appropriate school dress:

a)         Students not wearing appropriate school dress will be issued with a dress pass for the day and issued with a loan uniform.  Admin will record dress passes and inform parents.

b)         After three dress passes are issued, a parent letter will be sent home by the Principal (as will every multiple of three dress passes thereafter).   

c)         Students who continue to be uncooperative will not be permitted to attend functions run voluntarily by the teachers and/or parents, unless it is an essential part of the educational program.   

d)         Parents are to inform the school in writing if students are to be out of uniform.

e)         Financial and personal concerns will always be taken into consideration, with the above sanctions.

The dress code will be reviewed bi-annually by the School Board, with community consultation occurring before significant changes are made.